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Hartmuts Hi Tec Engineering P/L   
Hi Tec Engineering P/L, which has over 24 years experience turning design into reality.  Since 1989, the company has specialised in CNC turning and CNC milling.
Our willingness to take on small run or one off jobs has given us a wide range of experience in solving all sorts of complex turning and now milling challenges.  Over the years, we have developed a reputation for getting the job done right first time and on time. 
Word of mouth by happy customers has resulted in steady growth.
While Turnwell continues to handle small volume and unique jobs, we also handle the special requirements of medium to high volume, fast turnaround projects.  Our experience, equipment and personal dedication ensure you get the service and results you need.



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                                               Hartmut  (Director)



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             Martin                                  Sue                                  Andre

  Production Manager                  Administration                Production Manager

          TURNING                                                                      MILLING


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